Is Nitrous Oxide Safe and Worth Buying?

If you are a chef or a baker, you have undoubtedly used whipped cream. And whipped cream usually means using a cream charger. But have you ever wondered what these cream chargers are made of? Here’s your answer. They contain a gas called nitrous oxide (N2O). In recent times, however, there has been a lot […]

10 Best Whipped Cream Chargers Review (2021)

What’s the best way to make a dessert that tastes as it came from a restaurant? Add some whipped cream. Whipped cream is one of those desserts that you either love or hate, and many factors go into making it taste good. For example, did you know that whipping cream with nitrous oxide can give […]

How to Use a Cream Charger to Get High

Intro A cream battery charger is a steel cylindrical tube or cartridge that contains laughing gas as well as is made use of as a whipping representative in whipped cream dispensers. It has laughing gas, which is a prominent clinical as well as leisure drug that is utilized to eliminate pain and stress, and anxiety […]

Fizzy Fruit

What if you could give your fruit juice another refreshing and soothing taste? Trying out carbonated fruit juice is one sure way to try! What are carbonated/fizzy drinks? Carbonated drinks also known as fizzy drinks are beverages that contain dissolved carbon dioxide. The dissolution of CO2 in a liquid gives rise to fizz or effervescence. […]

Amazing facts about your favourite Nutella Mousse

History of mousse The words chocolate and mousse are from French, and many believe that the origin of mousse is from France. The word Mousse means foam. It describes the dessert very well as this is light or creamy. Chocolate came in 1615 in France. It was a century later that the French developed a […]

Top 3 Starbucks Copycat Whipped Cream Charger Recipes 2022

There are many lip-smacking whipped creams at different spots in town. So, what’s the big deal with Starbucks? It is certainly not regular whipped cream. The Starbucks brand is well-known as one of the fast-food colossi. Die-hard fans of Starbucks are dedicated to their everyday fix. Starbucks also has a long list of secret recipes […]

How To Order For Cream Chargers Near Me | In-Store & Pickup

Whipped cream is an important topping to any dessert course. Yet, homemade lip-smacking whipped cream takes dessert topping over the top! Have you thought of all the delicious desserts you could make, such as a silky chocolate pie, blackberry dumplings, pistachio cardamom cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, key lime cream pie, berry trifle, whipped chocolate mousse, and […]

Cream Chargers FAQs

What are cream chargers used for? There are around five popular uses of cream chargers. The first one is making whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser. You will use cream chargers to inject nitrous oxide into the liquid whipping cream. The gas will react with the fats in the cream to create whipped cream.  […]