Cream Chargers FAQs

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What are cream chargers used for?

There are around five popular uses of cream chargers. The first one is making whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser. You will use cream chargers to inject nitrous oxide into the liquid whipping cream. The gas will react with the fats in the cream to create whipped cream. 

The second popular use of nitrous oxide cream chargers is making desserts like mousse chocolate. You don’t have to worry about using a hand mixture that would otherwise be time-consuming.The third use of N2O chargers is to make nitro cocktails. One of the most popular nitro drinks you can make using nitrous oxide cartridges is pina colada. A tropical blend of food-grade nitrous oxide, tangy pineapple, white rum, and rich coconut cream. The coconut cream helps create the creamy and foamy mixture. The fourth popular use of cream chargers is making creamy soups and sauces like bourbon chocolate sauce, cream sauce, and Alfredo sauce. 

Using a cream whipper and N2O chargers makes the whole process easy and quick. The fifth use of nitrous oxide is recreational. Although it isn’t advisable to use cream chargers recreationally, you can use them to fill balloons with nitrous oxide and then inhale the gas from the balloons.    

How to use a whipped cream charger?


You need a cream whipper to be able to use a whipped cream charger. A standard whipped cream dispenser is universally compatible with an 8g whipped cream charger. But you will need a 16g adaptor when using 16g whipped cream chargers.

When using either an 8g or 16g whipped cream charger, you first have to fill the cream whipper with the food items (liquid whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract). Reattach the dispenser head and then unscrew the charger holder or adaptor. Slide a whipped cream charger into the holder or adaptor and screw it back onto the dispenser head. Keep on screwing the holder onto the dispenser head until you hear a whooshing sound, which indicates that the nitrous oxide gas has been injected into the whip cream dispenser. Shake the cream whipper to mix the gas with the food items.

When using a 580g whipped cream charger, however, you will need a pressure regulator, a filling hose, and an adaptor. All you’ve got to do is connect the three parts, attach the pressure regulator to the 580g charger, and also attach the adaptor to the cream whipper. Then you can easily control the amount of N2O gas that goes into the dispenser, using the pressure regulator

How do whipped cream chargers work?

Whipped cream chargers are filled with pressurized nitrous oxide gas and the opening has a foil covering or seal. Nitrous oxide is stored in a liquid form. The pressure in the cream charger or tank will remain the same until all of the pressurized liquid n2o has been released.

Whipped cream chargers are designed to be used with a cream whipper. There are two ways whipped cream chargers work, depending on the type. The 8g and 16g whipped cream chargers are designed to be directly attached to the piercing pin with the help of a charger holder or an adaptor. The charger is specifically made to fit an n2o cartridge with the slender side facing outwards.

When screwing the holder onto the cream whipper head, the piercing pin will break the foil covering or seal and the gas will be injected into the dispenser bottle through the piercing pin. When the gas is being released, you will hear a whooshing-like sound.

A 580g cream charger works similarly, but the seal is broken by the pressure regulator. When you release a certain amount of pressure, nitrous oxide will flow through the filling hose to the adaptor attached to the piercing pin on your cream whipper’s head. 

How to use a whipped cream dispenser for whippets?

There are three important things you need, a whipped cream dispenser, cream chargers, and balloons. Start by emptying the cream whipper of any contents and air. Make sure the whipped cream dispenser head is well-tightened. It is also important to check and confirm that the gaskets are good and will prevent gas leakage before using the dispenser.

Then unscrew the charger holder until it is detached from the whipped cream dispenser head. Turn the charger holder upside down and slide an 8g cream charger with the slender side of the cylinder facing up. Place the holder with the n2o cartridge on top of the piercing pin and screw until you hear the gas being released. You will hear a whooshing sound when the nitrous oxide is being expelled out of the cartridge. Then unscrew the holder and remove the empty cream charger, and screw back the holder to conceal the piercing pin.

Wear protective gloves (to prevent freeze burns), slide the nozzle of the cream whipper into the mouth of the balloon (at least 1 inch). With the dispenser head facing up, squeeze the lever to inject n2o into the balloon. You can increase the volume of the gas by charging the cream whipper with more n2o chargers. Remove the inflated balloon (whippet).     

Can co2 be used in whip cream charger?

No, co2 cannot be used in a whip cream charger. What is specifically designed to use co2 are soda chargers, which happen to look like cream chargers. The construction of the cartridges is the same because they both hold pressurized gas.

But here is the thing, soda chargers (contain co2 gas) are purposefully made for the production of carbonated drinks, which have a thin consistency. They are normally used with soda siphons. A whip cream charger (containing nitrous oxide gas), on the other hand, is specifically designed to be used with a cream whipper to create whipped cream and other whipped cream charger recipes.

Nitrous oxide gas will not effectively react with a thin liquid like water to create carbonated drinks. But it will react with liquid whipping cream to create delicious whipped cream. But a co2 cartridge can be used to charge a cream whipper. The only problem is that the created cream will taste acidic, which is not what you want when making whipped cream.

It is always a good thing to always check and confirm that the package you received does actually contain n2o chargers and not co2. This will help you avoid interchanging the two types of cartridges.    

Do all whipped cream dispensers need a charger?

All whipped cream dispensers are designed to be used with a cream charger. A cream whipper head is specifically designed for use with a nitrous oxide cartridge. The cream charger is used to charge the liquid whipping cream to create whipped cream.

The cream whipper head comes equipped with a piercing pin that allows n2o gas through. The piercing pin is uniquely made to fit the opening of a cream charger, which normally has a foil covering. The head is also fitted with gaskets that help prevent nitrous oxide leaks.

Without a cream charger, you will not be able to make any whipped cream. When you press the lever, the liquid whipping cream will simply flow like a liquid.

Whipped cream dispensers can also be used with 580g nitrous oxide tanks. But you will not be using the charger holder because the tank is way too big to fit in a holder. Instead, you will need an adaptor that is compatible with the piercing pin assembly, a pressure regulator that you will connect to the tank, and a filling hose that connects the pressure regulator and the adaptor. All you’ve got to do next is use the pressure regulator to control the amount of n2o that goes into the cream whipper.   

How to do whippets without a whipped cream dispenser?

If you don’t have a whipped cream dispenser, you can use a nos cracker to safely do whippets. A nos cracker looks more like a charger holder but with a head that fits perfectly. The head or top of a nos cracker is fitted with a unique mechanism that pierces the foil covering on a cream charger. The head is also equipped with two or more holes for releasing the gas when the foil covering is broken.

Using a nos cracker isn’t difficult even for a first-timer. You need to wear gloves for protection against freeze burns. Start by unscrewing the head of the nos cracker and then insert a cream charger into the body of the cracker with the narrow side facing up. Slowly screw the head of the cracker until tight to break the foil covering. Then insert about an inch of the cracker head into the mouth of a balloon. Hold the mouth of the balloon tight and gently unscrew the head to release the gas into the balloon. Continue to unscrew the head until all the nitrous oxide gas has been injected into the balloon.

Gently pull the mouth of the balloon out of the cracker and tighten it to keep the gas from escaping. That’s it you’ve got your whippet.  

How to do whippets with co2?

You can do whippets with co2 by using either a whipped cream dispenser or a nos cracker. The 8g co2 cartridge, which is normally used with a soda siphon fits perfectly in the cream charger holder of your cream whipper. The opening of the co2 cartridge is the same size as that of the n2o cartridge. So, the piercing pin of your whipped cream dispenser will fit just fine.

All you have to do is unscrew the charger holder, insert a co2 canister, and screw the holder back onto the head until you hear the gas being released. Then attach a balloon to the nozzle and press the lever to inflate.

You can also use a nos cracker with an 8g co2 cartridge. Just insert the co2 canister into the nos cracker and gently unscrew the head to inflate a balloon with co2 gas.

But you would want to inhale co2 because there are many potential health risks. Inhaling too much co2 can cause excitation, depression, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, clumsiness, fatigue, and emotional upsets. The gas could cause suffocation and death. Any small amount of co2 you inhale can stop oxygen from reaching your brain, causing brain damage. You shouldn’t intentionally inhale co2 with whippets. The safe gas to inhale responsibly is n2o.  

What are whippets?

A whippet is an informal name for a cream charger (a cylinder that holds highly pressurized nitrous oxide gas). Some people refer to balloons that are filled with nitrous oxide as whippets.

These tiny n2o canisters are used with either a whipped cream dispenser or a nos cracker to inflate balloons with n2o gas. People inhale the gas through balloons. The whippets give them a euphoric effect, which normally lasts for a few minutes. So, it is common for a whippet user to repeatedly inhale nitrous oxide in order to maintain that euphoric effect.

This excessive exposure to whippets could displace oxygen in your brain, causing you to have hallucinations and even pass out. Although people have been warned over and over again not to abuse cream chargers, the gas is still being abused and inhaled through the mouth. Damages to your body are more noticeable through long-term use.

You will start to have nerve changes because the gas will lower the temperature inside your mouth. Your lungs will start to have scarring problems. Whippets can be used responsibly, though. Always make sure you are in a seated position when taking whippets and only inhale through a balloon. Don’t overdo the whippets to avoid addiction and long-term health risks. 

What are whippets drugs?

People use whipped cream to top desserts and cocktails, and even consume it straight from the cream whipper. While the whipped cream is harmless, the gas that reacts with the cream to create that foamy, creamy texture may not be so innocent.

Whippet is a term that is used informally to describe nitrous oxide chargers. Whippet drug, on the other hand, refers to the nitrous oxide gas contained in the cream chargers. We usually refer to the gas as food-grade nitrous oxide when it is used to create whipped cream and other whipped cream-related recipes. But the gas is considered to be a drug when it is consumed through the mouth like any other recreational drug out there.

Although inhaling n2o from a balloon may seem harmless, whippet drug abuse is a type of inhalant abuse, which could easily lead to addiction. The potential health risks of inhaling whippets drug can be incredibly dangerous and life-threatening. The use of whippets drug could lead to asphyxiation as your lungs fill up with nitrous oxide and your oxygen levels go down.

Long-term use of whippets drugs could also lead to serious neurological issues. But the dangerous effects of repeated exposure to whippets drugs are not solely reserved for frequent users. Even first-time users could suffer severe effects, depending on how much n2o they inhale.

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