Tips On How To Use Whipped Cream Chargers Efficiently

Click here Whether you are a beginner or a professional chef, cream chargers are essential when creating whipped cream, desserts, infusions, and cocktails among other things. When compared to using a bowl and hand mixer, a cream charger and a whipped cream dispenser make creating whipped foods and drinks a breeze. You don’t have to […]

How To Use A Whipped Cream Charger – 10 Best Recipes   8G Whipped Cream Chargers   Cream chargers are available in different sizes, and the most popular one is the 8g cylinder. This is the smallest size you can find on the market. Each eight-gram cylinder is filled with eight grams of nitrous oxide. The small standard size is universally compatible with most whipped […]

What Is A Cream Charger Used For | Main Culinary Uses?

A whipped cream charger is a very popular ingredient in the food and drink industry. This amazing culinary ingredient is usually filled with pure food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O).  It is a highly versatile and delightful item that can spark your innovativeness and creativity in the kitchen. In today’s we will find out exactly what is […]

The Best Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide Tank Brands of 2021

Home cooks, chefs, baristas, and bartenders among other professionals in the food and drink industry know the importance of food-grade nitrous oxide gas (N2O).Not to mention that the gas is quite popular in the dentist’s office. In the food and drink industry, N2O gas is used to create delicious whipped cream for topping desserts like […]

Types of Cream Chargers

Types of Cream Chargers Cream chargers are nitrous oxide portable units that can be utilized for various treatments. If you’re not sure enough to make a decision on which one to get, there’s a vast range of sizes and pricing to choose from. Although, the most common ones on the market now, however, are either […]

Unique GreatWhip food-grade nitrous oxide cream chargers

The cream chargers made by Greatwhip are food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O), made to produce more gas per charger and best in Europe. The production of the cream chargers by Greatwhip is done in China, bringing you flavor and quality that is uncompromised loved, and known by the world.  It is a cream charger that tends […]

Which is better? 8g Vs. 580g Cream Chargers

  • What exactly are cream chargers?
  • The different types of cream chargers
  • Using these cream chargers
  • 580g Cream Chargers
  • Using the 580g cream chargers
  • Why Nitrous Oxide requires caution while using

Your Own:Easy Chocolate Mousse Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe


In this blog we show you two recipes you can use to create creamy chocolate mousse using a whipped cream dispenser.


Baking professionals and others who love to bake are always looking out for tools that can make their decorating work easier.Having a whipped cream dispenser will help you make your own whip cream in no time rather than an electric mixer that takes a longer time.


Using a whip cream dispenser provides you with a smooth mix of ingredients; no lumps or clumps. With a whip cream dispenser, you get  rich, creamy, light and fluffy chocolate mousse every time.


You can be sure that when you use a cream charger and a whipped cream dispenser, you can create lots of chocolate mousse in a few minutes. Satisfy your chocolate longings by using a cream dispenser to create the ultimate lip-smacking, delicious chocolate mousse, just the way you want it! 

8G vs 580G cream chargers: Which is better for you?

Introduction A cream charger is a device that is used together with a cream dispenser to create a perfectly whipped and smooth cream. This means no mess or fuss. It consists of a small gas cartridge containing nitrous oxide that loads the bulb inside the cream dispenser. Apart from being used for commercial use, professional-grade […]