580 Gram Nitrous Oxide For Sale


The 580g Great Whip cream chargers are high-production cylinders that contain 70 times more nitrous oxide than 8g whip cream canisters, giving you higher performance and efficiency in the kitchen. This makes it a superior option to go for in the market.


The pressure regulator of the 580g nitrous oxide tank enables you to easily calibrate the working pressure to suit your catering needs, which offers you the utmost control and precision. It is designed to make professional kitchen environments more efficient and manageable.


Food grade nitrous oxide tank of 580 grams also be used as an infusion agent for spirits and enticing cocktails or create luscious foams with a hint of sweetness that’s irresistible! What does that mean to you? You could be a culinary pro, barista, or bartender and still make delicious whipped cream with our whipped cream chargers and cream dispensers. It’s fast, worry-free, and consistently gorgeous. Your culinary imagination could be so easy!


  • Contains high-pressure liquefied gas and gets extremely cold when punctured.
  • Unused full N2O cartridges are not allowed to be disposed of.
  • They should only be used for food preparation with a cream whipper.
  • Should be kept away from the reach of children.
  • Not for sale to people under the age of 18 years.
  • Not allowed on an airplane.
  • Stored at the temperature of under 50℃ with no explosion danger.