GreatWhip 615G Whipped Cream Chargers Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide 1 Pack

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✅ Hand-packed and checked for superior quality.

✅ Filled with ultra-pure N2O, tested at 99.9%.

✅ Free of chemical taste or bad smell.

✅ Nozzle used for releasing the gas for disposal.

✅ Easily installed with GreatWhip pressure regulator.

✅ High-quality coating improves rust prevention.

✅ For professional use only.

Estimated Delivery Date February 9, 2023 - February 13, 2023


Great Whip whipped cream charger contains 580 grams of pure, high-quality, food-grade nitrous oxide N2O gas. When used on a whipped cream dispenser, nitrous oxide turns liquid cream into a frothy, foamy whipped cream to be used in various desserts.


  • Ultimate Safety:  The nitrous oxide N2O used in the cream charger is food grade, so it is safe for use as a dessert tool. The food-grade N2O gas is well-kept in the steel cylinder and will be safe to use for years to come.
  • Quality Assurance:  Its purity can be up to 99%! Never worry about the bad chemical taste on your whipped cream chargers. With Great Whip food-grade nitrous oxide gas, you will be able to imagine the best recipes.
  • High-Efficiency:  Stop changing 8g cream chargers each time! 580g cream chargers allow you to charge in a faster manner. By connecting the pressure regulator, you are more easily to access precision and efficiency.


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6 reviews for GreatWhip 615G Whipped Cream Chargers Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide 1 Pack

  1. Chales

    Easy to order and fast delivery!

  2. Florrie

    It only took 2 days to deliver to me, which is incredible

  3. Hedda

    I can give full marks, the price of $39.99 in the US is too affordable, compared to infusionmax, I think this brand is purer, more convenient to use, and has no odor. I have purchased two boxes of 12 again, supporting this brand.
    ———From a loyal N2O lover

  4. Taylor Bittne

    😊 The best ever! I will never use small cartridges again

  5. Derek

    Easy to use, quick shopper, be gentle with plastic tip as internal valve isn’t strong. If you treat it carefully, works great!!!

  6. Gareth

    High quality, great deal, doesn’t leave residue, and you can’t taste the gas in your whipped cream. Great for all uses and culinary adventures. Excellent price. You can do a lot with this.

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