8G vs 580G cream chargers: Which is better for you?

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A cream charger is a device that is used together with a cream dispenser to create a perfectly whipped and smooth cream. This means no mess or fuss.

It consists of a small gas cartridge containing nitrous oxide that loads the bulb inside the cream dispenser.

Apart from being used for commercial use, professional-grade whipped cream chargers have also become part of many homes utensils in recent years. Who doesn’t love reproducing culinary creations at home? It is no surprise that the demand for N2O cream chargers has increased.

So, typically, cream chargers are most frequent in these places:

Household kitchens


Catered events

However, to ensure personal safety and achieve phenomenal results, it is recommended that you choose the correct cream loader size to fit your cream whipper. So, let’s talk about this relevant point


Types of cream chargers

Intended for high-volume applications, the use of an industrial type dispenser is ideal. But, if you want to make whipped cream to a lower extent, small cartridges will be enough.

We discovered that the most popular types of cream chargers on the market are 8g and 580g cartridges.

8G Cream Charger

This size can create about 1.5 liters of perfect whipping cream with as little as 0.5 liters of liquid whipping cream. But, when is it better to use it?



In general, these 8-gram whip cream cartridges are more popular and have a universal fit, which means that they are more compatible with most brands of dispensers in the market.

You can choose fewer quantities of these cans if what you want is a specific use.



They are more time-consuming to fill than the 580 gr size.

They do not have a plastic release nozzle that more easily directs the output of the cream.

They are not practical for mass uses.


580 grams Cream Charger


These cartridges are filled with 580 grams or 0.95 liters of food-grade nitrous oxide. They have almost 80 times more content in comparison to the 8-gram cartridges, which means more efficient usage when it comes to higher usage amounts.



580-gram cartridges are particularly useful for preparing nitrous flavor infusions and cocktails.

Unlike the usual 8-gram chargers, 580-gram tanks are equipped with a plastic release nozzle. The particular design of its nozzle avoids quality problems caused by poor orientation.

580 g Tanks stick more with international quality standards. This means that they are manufactured of better quality for greater use and careful respect for the environment.

Instead of using so many cartridges on a large-scale occasion like a catering event, you can use just one that works more optimally for exactly what you need.

These take up less space.

You don’t have to worry about storage space for ten 100-pack packages when dealing with five 580-gram canisters.

They are easier to use since you do not need to go through the process of detaching the charger holder and inserting a whip cream charger into the holder all over again. Especially, when you need to use several of these small dispensers.



When dealing with a 580g tank, you will need a regulator to get pure nitrous oxide into your cream whipper. This regulator includes a universal connector with easy installation.

They are more expensive than the small 8G cream charger, so you should consider it if it will be a small application.

They are bigger and bulky than 8-gram whip cream cartridges options.


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