Buying Cream Chargers: Webshop or E-Commerce Platforms

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Whipped creams are often used on your favorite dessert, drink, or even snacks, which make it a staple kitchen item for some. Usually, a whipped cream bought from the market is used by  a pressurized whipped cream canister.

To this day, more people, especially chefs and bakers are now using cream chargers. It produces cream foams that can stand longer which means you can prepare meals ahead of time. These cream chargers can be found online, both on the manufacturer’s website or an e-Commerce platform.

This article will discuss the information you wanted to know about cream chargers. Its definition, function, prices, differences, and where you can buy them.

What are cream chargers?

Whip cream chargers are nitrous oxide cartridges that are widely used in the food and beverage industry. Aside from culinary specialists, whip cream chargers are now also used at home for good food presentations.

This is used by inserting the nitrous oxide cartridge to have the stainless steel canister pressurized. Many people will ask how to use cream chargers, but it’s actually very simple.Once it has been filled with gas, it is shaken from 10 to 20 times. A nozzle is then attached to the tip for dispensing the whipped cream.

Some of the advantages that culinary experts consider are its ability to get chilled quickly, keeping foams stand longer, and adding bulk and shape to dressings. When used in sauces, the pressure from the canister binds the sauces and dishes well. It also saves time since there will be no capsules that will be used from time to time.


Where to Buy Whipped Cream Chargers

To get the best experience on a whip cream charger, it is important to buy one from an established brand or store. Getting one from a well-known brand such as GreatWhip ensures safety for home and business use.

There are also cream chargers that can be found on eBay and Amazon:

  • GreatWhip Pure Clean Whip ( 300 pieces up to 2400 pieces from $91.99 to $620)
  • Cream Leland Whipped Cream Charger (pack of 24 at $17.99)
  • Nitro Whipped Cream Charger (box of 50 at $28.50)
  • Fomagas Whipped Cream Charger (pack of 50 at $49.99)
  • FreshWhip Cream Charger (pack of 50 at $27.50)
  • Whip-it! Whipped Cream Chargers (pack of 50 at $38.50)

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These are the most bought brands from the two famous e-commerce websites. Another way to buy a cream charger online is through the manufacturer’s independent website. Below are some of the choices:

Cream Deluxe

  • Cream Deluxe (€27.99 per piece)
  • Cream Deluxe Gold (starts at €27.99)

Smart Whip

  • Smart Whip Silver 615g (starts at €29-€260)
  • Smart Whip 615g pack of 6 (€160.00)


  • Whip-it! Cream Chargers pack of 5 ($3.99)
  • Supercharged Cream Chargers ($8.29 per box)


  • GreatWhip 8gWhipped Cream Chargers 600pcs ($189)
  • GreatWhip 580gTank pack of 1 ($99)
  • GreatWhip 580g Tank s pack of 12 ($369.99)
  • GreatWhip 580g with Pressure Regulator (starts at $259.99)


Aside from cream chargers, these independent websites also have diverse choices of other products nitrogen chargers, colored and flavored cream chargers, and a full set that has a NO2 cylinder and a regulator.

From these independent websites, GreatWhip offers 10% discounts to its new customers. They also have a wide range of choices for cream chargers that are usually used on caterings since they offer up to 600 pieces of 8-gram cream chargers. GreatWhip also uses food-grade NO2 which is excellent for beverages, desserts, and sauces that need the whip cream’s foam.

The quick infusing system of their 580g tanks has a quick infusing system that provides a lot of help on quick food and beverage preparations. They also provide free delivery for US, UK, and EU-based customers.

Price comparison

In terms of prices, buying a cream charger is more cost-efficient online. This is because there is a wide range of deals, prices, and bundles that you can choose from according to your preferences and needs. While there are delivery and service fees, deals that are offered to you are usually rare to find so it would be worth it. However, some websites like GreatWhip offer no delivery fee which can also save you money.


Service difference

When it comes to service differences, choosing and buying your products online is much more efficient. Between e-commerce platforms and websites, service is better on independent websites because communication is fast, and sellers are responsive. Most of the time, all the details are already on their respective pages.

On the other hand, voicing inquiries and other concerns on e-commerce websites can take you more time because of the influx of other inquiries from other clients and web traffic.



Before making transactions, security and safety is the number one concern that should be made sure of. Between the two, both the e-commerce platform and independent websites are safe in keeping your private information.

However, there are some aspects of e-commerce platforms that can pose a threat, especially if you’re transacting with an unverified account or business, or those sellers without any reviews. When it comes to independent websites, you may also check for security verification.

Another factor that can put your mind at ease is the mode of payment which is usually through funded payment channels.


One of the greatest strengths of a business is its professionalism. Generally, browsing and shopping through online stores proves to be much more professional because communication, resolution to concerns, and customer service are responsive and prioritize the well-being of consumers.

After-sale service

After-sale service refers to other concerns, questions, and problems that are voiced out to the business even after the transaction has been completed. It is also considered as part of their business strategy to build customer relationship and loyalty.

Sellers from e-commerce platforms and admins of the independent websites may contact you to get a review on the purchased product since this will be helpful for their future clients.

Between independent websites and e-commerce platforms, independent websites usually have an efficient after-sales service. This is because they value customer relationships and want to ensure that there are no problems encountered after making a purchase.

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