How to find whip cream chargers in the United States?

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Whip cream chargers are in high demand all around the world for a variety of applications. Still, they are challenging to locate for home and commercial uses in the catering industry. Most individuals would expect the product to be available at large supermarkets.

The steel cartridges were for use on the cream whippers and cream dispenser, and they are charged with certified-pure nitrous oxide. When whipping milk and nondairy cream products, along with sauces, dessert toppings, and foamed creamy soups, they offer cream chargers that are 20% more productive than ordinary cartridges.


The best online merchants and stores, such as brand stores in the United States that sell cream chargers, are listed in this article.

1. Local Store which sell Cream Chargers

  • William Sonoma

As of August 11, 2022, there are many Williams Sonoma stores across the United States, with almost 171 stores. With 18% or 31 locations of all Williams Sonoma places in the US, California has the most Williams Sonoma stores. They sell whip cream chargers in the United States. They perfect each product, and their Test Kitchens conduct dozens of trials. To offer precisely what cooks desire most, they consider every aspect.

  • Sur La Table

There are ten stores in the United States. The shop is well known for carrying products of high quality and provides customers with  cream chargers. NO2 cartridges which sell can be used to give your beverages a fizzy, carbonated taste.

2. Online Store

  • GreatWhip

With its high-performance local warehousing and shipping infrastructure, GreatWhip stands out as a provider of OEM/wholesale whip cream charging services that include logo and package design.


You can trust GreatWhip to provide the proper strength in frothing cream. Because their chargers are made in China, offer unrivaled quality, and include more than twice the quantity of comparable items offered by rival manufacturers, you should buy whip cream chargers to provide elegant beverages and delectable desserts.


GreatWhip cream chargers are created with the purest, highest-quality nitrous oxide and have achieved US/EU approval. You can count on the high-tech charger suppliers to produce the purest nitrous oxide currently available on the market.

Extra Information - the market is mainly based on 8G chargers and 580G tanks.

  1. The 8G cream chargers

The smallest size offered on the market is an 8-gram cream charger. It usually has dimensions of 2.6 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. Eight grams of nitrous oxide gas are already inside.


These are adequately developed and machine-mature from the aspect of 8G manufacture. The product’s innovation is outpacing the customization of the equipment in its rapid growth. One 8G cream charger is sufficient for a 1L container or dispenser, whereas two 8G cream chargers are required for a 0.5L container or dispenser.


The majority of 8g cream chargers are made to fit any 8g whipped cream tank that is currently available. Simply put, this implies that  GreatWhip 8g cream chargers, a Mosa 8g charger, or an ISI 8g charger may all be used with cream whippers. Because of universal compatibility, you won’t ever need to purchase an additional fixture.

  1. The 580G cream chargers

One of the larger canister sizes offered by the food sector among the several cream chargers is 580G. It typically measures more in length and breadth than 8G Cream chargers N2O. Each little tank has a capacity of 580 grams or 0.95 liters of N2O gas. Only a few producers use cutting-edge equipment. The popular ones include GreatWhip, SmartWhip, and Fast-gas. They primarily have the same traits and qualities. The cost of GreatWhip, which is significantly less expensive but of excellent quality, is the only distinction. With this design, GreatWhip gives defense against the potential for the container to explode.


The Greatwhip 580g cream chargers are the better option because the canister that weighs 580 grams contains 70 times more gas. By controlling the pressure of the gas injected into the whipped cream dispenser, you can also add quality. You won’t have to worry about the whipped cream dispenser getting damaged owing to the high pressure.

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