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Types of Cream Chargers

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Types of Cream Chargers

Cream chargers are nitrous oxide portable units that can be utilized for various treatments. If you’re not sure enough to make a decision on which one to get, there’s a vast range of sizes and pricing to choose from. Although, the most common ones on the market now, however, are either 8g or 580 grams. But, before selecting which size is perfect for you, let’s take a closer look at each variety.

What exactly are Cream Chargers

Cream chargers are nitrous oxide devices that can be used with whip cream dispensers. They are consumable stainless canisters ranging from 8g to 580g.

Nitrous oxide, primarily employed in medicinal applications, is present in cream chargers. Although it may be used recreationally, it should be used with caution because it is frequently mixed with oxygen, which makes the gas harmful to breathe when not adequately combined.

Types of Different Cream Chargers

As fate would have it, Cream chargers come in a variety of forms and sizes. Some are tiny enough to be easily carried along, while others require a bit more storage room.

Chargers for 8g Cream

Despite the fact, this is the smallest size offered on the market. Hello and welcome to the world of rich, velvety whipped cream! It will be challenging to use anything else in the future. 8 gram chargers are pure and loaded with food-grade nitrous oxide gas, which converts 0.5 liters of liquid whipping cream into 1 to 2 cups (depending on the brand). This makes it tasty, as well as having that soft texture foam right in your mouth. Manufacturers often seal and electronically weigh these sorts of N2O chargers to ensure that each carries an even amount—8 grams.

How to use These cream chargers

The 8-gram cream charger fits most ordinary whip cream dispensers well. To use, place the charger onto the canister and press down until you hear a loud gas release sound. However, because steel is very recyclable, disposable units may be recycled. 


  • When combined with a whip cream dispenser, it is pretty compelling.
  • It’s small and compact, and it’s pretty easy to transport.
  • The price is relatively low, making it the greatest option for folks on a limited budget.


  • Although this site contains only 8g of nitrous oxide, it might rapidly run out.
  • Although this size is ideal for a solitary usage, it is inconvenient to share with others because it runs out quickly, and you will have to buy a new one each time.
  • Compared to the tiny 8-gram cartridges, these high-quality nitrous oxide chargers generate a lot of whipped cream. You’ll have enough gas for any event with only one colossal gas canister!

Chargers for 580G cream

A hose and pressure regulator is required for usage with your 8g whip cream dispenser and the 580 cream charger. Connect the 580-gram chargers to an air compressor or other source that produces high-volume jets to make them more potent than what they were designed for, Furthermore, the kind is intended to distribute liquids onto surfaces such as walls with smaller surface areas per unit volume.

What’s the advantage? You can precisely regulate how much liquid is sprayed out—all from a single cartridge!


  • The benefit of selecting this size is that you can make bigger batches of whipped cream in a single session.
  • It is compatible with most whip cream dispensers sold at Greatwhip.
  • Because of their high amount, the 580-gram N20 charges are the most potent cartridges routinely available today.
  • It’s a low-cost cream charger.


  • Because these chargers are so strong, they might produce excessive noise and require some skill to utilize successfully.
  • The enormous quantity also makes it powerful, which is inconvenient when you need a small amount of whipped cream to decorate your delicacies.

Which one is better? 8G cream Chargers or 580G Cream Chargers

As fate would have it, Cream chargers come in a variety of forms and sizes. Some are tiny enough to be easily carried along, while others require a bit more storage room.


Finally, there are whip chargers and dispensers to consider. Both dispensers are intended for whipping and will contain nitrous oxide. The apparent smoke released when whipped cream gets whipped is caused by nitrous oxide. On the other hand, Dispensers are intended to hold and deliver whipped cream with no apparent smoke.

GreatWhip has the most excellent deals on 580-gram nitrous oxide canisters. You will not only save money, but you will also find it simple to make drinks and nitrous oxide infusions on a considerable scale.

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