Unique GreatWhip food-grade nitrous oxide cream chargers

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The cream chargers made by Greatwhip are food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O), made to produce more gas per charger and best in Europe.

The production of the cream chargers by Greatwhip is done in China, bringing you flavor and quality that is uncompromised loved, and known by the world.  It is a cream charger that tends to produce double the volume produced by other brands, making it to be the best for decadent desserts or distinctive beverage cream-chargers for infusing spirits as well as making cocktails that are quite enticing. 

It ends up creating luscious sauces and foams on a varieN2O, whichinary concoctions. Culinary imagination is brought to life with Great Whip. A single case equals 600 chargevolume, which be able to enjoy the following:

  • It  is a cream charger that is compatible with whipped cream dispensers which are standard
  • It is constructed from 100% recyclable steel which is of the highest grade
  • It is full of nitrous oxide gas that is food grade and of pure quality
  • Every charger which is non-refillable comprises a maximum of 8 grams of nitrous oxide that is enough to whip a single pint of cream/liquid ( ½ L)

It is a cream charger that is manufactured with the highest international standards in mind in terms of safety, quality, responsible environmental practices, and performance, and thus, none of the N2O chargers available in the market can beat it. There is the meticulous cleaning of every cartridge, weighed, filled, and tested for any sort of leaks before the final inspection is done.

With all the above explanation, it means that worry-free, fast, fluffy mounds, consistently gorgeous whipped cream are free of additives, whether you happen to be a barista, culinary pro, home cook, or bartender. 

It is as important for foams making, loved in the world of molecular gastronomy and cocktails which are quick infusing. It also denotes that, you are going to make some savings since the little, yet powerful chargers will give you more than double the volume of the cream whisked using a mixer or hand.

Because of the difference in atmospheric pressures, it makes the items unsuitable for shipping through air transport. You will need to be extra careful when you are handling the charger because it has pressurized gas. 

The N2O cartridges are for the preparation of food and beverages alone.  No need for you to expose it to the heat, sun, incinerate, or store it at temperatures that are above 120°F equivalent to 50°C. Store in an area that is cool and dry and ensure that it is out of reach of children.

The current capsules on the market comprise 8.4g of N2O which is pure, individually weighed before being packaged to make sure that the results remain consistent. With volume which is premium maximum, less volume remaining, and a maximum of 20% extra portions, you are likely going to save time and money.

 With GreatWhip, you will only have the high-quality,  whipped cream chargers that are 100 pure nitrous oxide, with certification by the EU. It is a high quality from China which you can rely on to give you the cleanest, purest nitrous oxide (N2O) that you will get on the market.

The branded cream-chargers registered by GreatWhip ™ are known to be highly sought out for, top-quality brands from 2002. They deliver the China-made appeal cream-chargers which majorities of the customers are looking out for at an affordable value as compared to the one being offered by the competitors. 

GreatWhip is known to offer CO2 carbonators, cream dispensers to customers at a wholesale price. So it doesn’t matter if you are purchasing it as an individual, a small business like a coffee kiosk, or you are a wholesale distributor who is recognized internationally, you will be served by the friendly GreatWhip staff, committed to working with you.

Get on board with the professional chargers from Greatwhip for a variety of preparations that are incomparable. There is a guarantee in filling. A single capsule gets individually weighed and has 8g of pure N2O exactly. Made in China from 100% stainless recyclable steel, it has no residues from oil, and it is HACCP production certified.

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