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What Is A Cream Charger Used For | Main Culinary Uses?

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A whipped cream charger is a very popular ingredient in the food and drink industry. This amazing culinary ingredient is usually filled with pure food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O). 

It is a highly versatile and delightful item that can spark your innovativeness and creativity in the kitchen. In today’s we will find out exactly what is a cream charger used for and the main advantages of using nitrous oxide chargers.   


What Are Cream Chargers?

 These are small gas cylinders that are typically filled with culinary-grade nitrous oxide. The cylinders are usually made of recyclable steel, which is good because you can drop empty canisters at a recycling firm nearby.


N2O cartridges are available in two popular sizes, 8-gram and 580-gram. The eight-gram N2O chargers are universally engineered to fit all 8g standard whipped cream dispensers. The 580-gram N2O tanks are also used with standard cream whippers, but you will need a pressure regulator, a filling hose, and an adaptor. The cylinders are normally coated to keep them from rusting.

The nitrous oxide gas is typically stored in a highly pressurized liquid state. So, you must take precautions to avoid freeze burns when using cream chargers like wearing protective gloves. 


Advantages of Using N2O Whipped Cream Chargers


These are the key benefits of nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers.


Makes the Process of Creating Whipped Cream Easy


Traditionally, you would need a hand mixer to create whipped cream. The process is usually time-consuming and takes some doing. A whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers, on the other hand, make the entire process of creating whipped cream quick and simple.

All you’ve got to do is add your liquid whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract into your whipped cream dispenser. Then charge the cream whipper with one to two cream chargers, shake it a little bit, and press the lever to create whipped cream.  


Helps Preserve Excess Whipped Cream


In case you filled your whip cream dispenser with excess ingredients, you can always create more whipped cream at a future date thanks to nitrous oxide.

This incredible gas displaces oxygen in the cream whipper, preventing the fats in the cream from going rancid. It effectively improves the shelf life of the whipped cream by about ten days. You just have to ensure the whip cream dispenser is airtight.


Easy to Achieve Culinary Innovations


Over the years, cream chargers have transformed the food and drink industry. Professional chefs have come up with new and unique culinary innovations thanks to N2O chargers. In addition to creating whipped cream, you can use nitrous oxide cylinders to create delicious desserts and cocktails like whipped chocolate mousse, Pina Colada, and nitro cold brew.  


Allows You to Make Popular Desserts and Drinks at Home


For only a few US dollars, you can make your delicious desserts and cocktails from the comfort of your kitchen.

You can share your culinary creativity with family and friends during birthday parties and get-togethers without spending too much. You could even try to achieve the quality of Starbucks or MacDonald’s in your kitchen as long as you have a cream whipper and cream chargers.  


Common Uses of Cream Chargers


You can use nitrous oxide cream chargers to do the following:

With the help of cream chargers, you can infuse liquid whipping cream with food-grade nitrous oxide. The gas will react with the fat in the cream to create fluffy, voluminous, and delicious whipped cream.

You can modify the recipe to come up with different types of whipped cream, such as stabilized whipped cream. You can use whipped cream as a topping in different types of foods (pie or cake) and drinks (coffee).   



The second most popular use of whipped cream chargers is making desserts. There are two ways you can use cream chargers to make desserts.

First, you can create flavorful whipped cream and use it to top desserts like cakes and pastries. Second, you can infuse dessert ingredients that contain heavy cream to create whipped desserts like whipped chocolate mousse.



The third most popular use of nitrous oxide canisters is creating cocktails. You just need a recipe for the cocktail, N2O cartridges, and a whip cream dispenser.

Prepare the ingredients, pour them into the cream whipper, charge the dispenser with N2O. and then serve in a glass. Some great cocktails you can make include Pina Colada and a silk sheets cocktail.  



Cream chargers also referred to as nangs or whippets by young people are used recreationally. People inhale the gas through ballons to experience a relaxed and happy feeling. The happy feeling makes people laugh and that’s why the gas is informally referred to as laughing gas.

Inhaling nitrous oxide, however, has its dangers. It could deprive you of oxygen, make you hallucinate, put you at the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency among other things. 


Where Can I Buy Cream Chargers

The easiest way to buy cream chargers is through online suppliers. There are many popular and trusted suppliers of nitrous oxide cylinders you can consider like GreatWhip, Smartwhip, ISI, Mosa, and Cream Deluxe among others.

But you are likely to incur shipping costs when you buy online. You can also buy cream chargers near me from popular kitchen shops, restaurants, and supercenters. Walmart is one of the most popular supercenters that sell cream chargers in both retail and wholesale packages.  




Are cream chargers legal?

The legality of cream chargers is not straightforward. As long as you are 18 years or older, you can buy cream chargers. There is usually no problem when using cream chargers with food and drinks. But the possession of nitrous oxide for recreational use is considered illegal.   


How do you use a cream charger for baking?

The concept of baking is to cook and increase the size of your food. You can achieve a similar concept with a cream charger and a cream whipper. When nitrous oxide reacts with liquid whipping cream, for example, it doubles the amount of whipped cream created.


Can cream chargers explode?

Nitrous oxide is usually stored in a highly pressurized liquid state in the cream chargers. So, any attempts to break the seal could cause an explosion of the pressurized gas and this can cause serious freeze burn injuries. The only way to avoid freeze burns is to use the recommended equipment for releasing the gas, such as a whipped cream charger or a NOS cracker.


Are all whip cream chargers the same?

No, cream chargers are not of the same size. They are available in three sizes, 8-gram, 16-gram, and 580-gram. The most popular size is the 8g, which is universally compatible with most standard cream whippers on the market. What is the same, however, is the nitrous oxide contained in the canister. It is the same gas regardless of the size of the N2O canisters.




As we have seen, there are several uses and benefits of cream chargers. Unlike before, nowadays it is extremely easy to create whipped cream when you have a cream whipper, cream chargers, and liquid whipping cream. You can also use N2O chargers to create lip-smacking desserts, cocktails, and infusions. Get the purest nitrous oxide chargers from GreatWhip.   

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