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GreatWhip Helium Tank Cylinder Inflate Up to 30 / 50 * 9″ Latex Balloon Pump Kit (US ONLY)


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99.99% Pure Helium Gas Tank

High Quality and Safe
Non-flammable and Non-toxic
Can Be Used With Complete Confidence

Capacity Choose From

7L Inflates Up to 30 * 9″ Latex Balloons

13L Inflates Up to 50 * 9″ Latex Balloons

Free 9″ Latex Balloons and Ribbons Included

Ideal For DIY Home Party Decoration!

#Add More Fun to Your Party#


🎈 Inflation Tips 
1) Please inflate latex balloons 1-2 hours before your party, on the day of your party.
2) Please use the size on the top of the box for inflating your balloons.


Additional information



Your most commonly asked questions Infoanswered below:

How long does it take to make whipped cream with Great Whip?

It takes about a minute with practice.

How many chargers does it take to make a pint of whipped cream

A single 8g charger.

Do I need a regulator or dispenser to make whipped cream?

Yes, both are essential.

How does nitrous oxide affect food texture?

It makes creams airy, foamy, and fluffy; chills and adds fizz to beverages.

How pure is Great Whip?

It is 99.9% pure food-grade nitrous oxide.

Why should I buy Great Whip?

Offers consistent flavor; trusted by culinary experts.

Do professional chefs use N2O?

Yes, extensively for culinary applications.