What you need to know about whip cream chargers in 2022

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Cream  chargers have been manufactured in the 20th century, but their level of popularity has steadily increased since they were initially introduced. They have many uses because they can inject a pressurized gas (nitrous oxide, or N2O) and mix air into a liquid at the same time. This is especially useful in the food and beverage industry because they can do the job quickly and efficiently.

In this post, we’ll be talking more about cream  charges, their uses, and their popularity in the US and UK markets.

Uses of Cream Chargers in the Culinary Industry

There are lots of ways in which cream chargers are used, especially in the culinary industry. Some examples include mousses and desserts, whipped cream, alcoholic beverages, infusing oil, alcohol, syrups, sauces, marinades, and carbonated drinks. Check out below their uses and application.

Mousses and desserts

Everyone who has tried it will agree that making the perfect mousse takes a lot of time and work. In the same way that whipping milk is exact science, getting the peaks to be as stiff as you want them to requires a high-level balancing act. You won’t have any trouble doing this, though, if you use whip cream chargers.

Whipped cream

Most people know that a cream charger is used to whip cream, which is its most common and well-known use. The lipids, gelatines, and other stabilizers in the cream react when the nitrogen dioxide (N2O) from the cream charger canister is forced into the liquid. Because of this, the cream has developed a frothy texture. Since nitrogen dioxide (N2O) is a natural part of our environment, it is possible to whip cream by hand. However, using a cream charger is more efficient and takes less work on your part.

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Alcoholic cocktails

Shaking egg whites in a shaker is the traditional way to make foams and espumas, but it takes a long time and a lot of patience. Even though foams and espumas make a lot of different drinks look more appealing, they are hard to make. Also, foam made from egg whites often tastes and smells bad. In a busy cocktail bar, if you want your drink to stand out, you need to be able to add zing, smell, and flair to it quickly and easily.

Mousses and desserts

Everyone who has tried it will agree that making the perfect mousse takes a lot of time and work. In the same way that whipping milk is exact science, getting the peaks to be as stiff as you want them to requires a high-level balancing act. You won’t have any trouble doing this, though, if you use a cream charger.

Infusing alcohol, oil, sauces, syrups, and marinades

In addition to what was said before, cream chargers make it possible to add a flavor to an alcoholic drink. Also, this method is not just for alcohol. When mixing sauces, syrups, oils, or marinades, you can save time by putting the needed ingredients in the dispenser’s container and mixing them with N2O. This will make it easier to mix everything. What used to take weeks can now be done in just a few minutes.

Carbonated drinks

When it comes to how they work, cream chargers and soda streams are pretty much the same. Only one thing is different: cream chargers use nitrogen oxide instead of carbon dioxide, while soda streams use carbon dioxide (CO2). By switching one ingredient for the other, you can make juices with different flavors that are bubbly and taste great. If you have the right tools, you can even make naturally carbonated fruit juice.

As you can see, cream chargers may be used in a diverse range of settings, including one of which is in the kitchen of your own home. If you are looking for top-quality cream chargers for your culinary business or your kitchen, check out GreatWhip and find the right type you need.

What is the difference between 8G Cream Chargers and 580G Nitrous Oxide Tanks?

8G Whip Cream Chargers

A nitrous oxide charger is usually about 2.6 inches long, 0.7 inches wide at its widest point, and 0.34 inches wide at its narrowest point (mouth).

It is safe to drink up to eight grams of this cream charger’s pure nitrous oxide before experiencing any negative side effects. Most of the 8-gram whip cream cartridges that are now on the market can be used with whip cream dispensers made by a number of different companies. GreatWhip is by far the most well-known brand.


Some people say that you can turn 1.5 liters of liquid whipped cream into mouth-wateringly good cream by adding an 8-gram cream charger. To ensure the 8 grams is accurate, these N2O charges are often weighed electronically and then sealed.


Even if a hole is made in a whip cream charger, it won’t leak for as long as it can be used. This is true even though this damage happens often.


580G Nitrous Oxide Tanks

Large nitrous oxide tanks can carry more nitrous oxide than an 8g canister since it has a larger capacity for nitrous oxide. 580G cream chargers that are placed together in a certain manner are used to create beverages and infusions with nitrate flavors.


These cartridges each contain 580 grams, or 0.95 liters, of nitrous oxide that may be safely consumed. One big cartridge is about equivalent to 100 8-gram cream charges. This result was reached after taking into consideration the fact that N2O often seeps out when 8g cream charges are used with the previous design.


The 580-gram nitrous oxide tanks contain a plastic nozzle that may be used to pour gas out, unlike the regular 8-gram charges. This nozzle design doesn’t have the issue of incorrect alignment, which may lead to quality issues, even though it occurs often. The nozzle can withstand significant wear and tear without breaking since it is composed of plastic, a material that is particularly resistant to corrosion.


These tank cream cartridges may be used to produce a variety of beverages since they don’t taste or smell like anything.


These N2O chargers are often seen in busy establishments, including eateries, bars, nightclubs, pubs, and even residences. The majority of 8g whip cream cartridges now on the market do not adhere to the most strict standards for effectiveness, safety, and environmental protection. On the other hand, 580 G nitrous oxide tanks do.

It is now possible to make nitrous oxide infusions and whipped cream that are superior to anything that has ever been created since a single canister can now carry more nitrous oxide tanks than ever before. On the other hand, use a 580 G cream charger to connect to your whipped cream dispenser. With this, you just need a hose fitting and a regulator.

Consumption Choices: 8G Cream Chargers VS 580G Nitrous Oxide Tanks

Before you buy something big, like nitrous oxide tanks in capsule form for an event that will be catered, you should think about all of your options. If you could only use whip cream chargers, think about how much work it would take to make enough whipped cream.


Give the 580g models a lot of thought, since they are the best ones for the job at hand.


The need for nitrogen dioxide (N2O) is increasing all around the globe, and as a result, so is the market for cream chargers and the number of businesses that produce them. Nitrous oxide cream chargers usually come in 8-gram canisters and can be bought at a lot of online stores. This is likely because there are a lot of whipped cream machines, and the vast majority of them use 8-gram charges. Most likely, that’s why all of this has happened.


Using canisters about the size of a tablet makes it easy to charge at least one cream whipper at a time. If you want to keep putting delicious whipped cream on your cupcakes after the gas in the cartridge has been used up, you will need to buy a new cartridge. This is because whipping uses up all the available gas.


If you want to make a lot of whipped cream, this process could take a very long time and cost a lot of money. Since this is the case, it should be clear that you need 580 grams of cream. A 580g N2O tank, which is the appropriate size for making a lot of preparations, may satisfy all of your requirements for the event that you are planning.

Market situation of 580G Cream Chargers in the US and UK

Due to the higher demand for 580G cream chargers, companies like GreatWhip have been able to grow and open new warehouses in the United Kingdom and the United States. Since there are now more warehouses, it’s possible that customers will be able to get their goods from whipped cream chargers faster. On the other hand, the number of people in the United States who want 580G nitrous oxide tanks is going down.


According to the rules of the area, you can’t buy a 580 G tank unless you’re buying it for a legal food business. Some customers can’t even buy them in stores unless they can show the cashier a valid form of identification. 


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